Wright Brothers Hill

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historic Park


After hours of exploring the National Air Force museum, we opted to get outside and enjoy the sunny weather. Although we could have spent days touring this massive museum, the younger kids were getting fidgety and the older kids (aka, the Adults) wanted to enjoy the sunshine.   A short distance from the museum was Wright Brothers Hill and the Wright Memorial. The area also contained a park and an ideal opportunity to let the kids learn a bit about history and stretch those fidgety legs. It was time to take the tourism outdoors.

Arriving at Wright Brothers Hill, there was a National Park building with a mini museum and video explaining the Wright Brothers history.  Perfect! We got the kids in the viewing room and settled in to learn about aviation history.  Naturally they had no idea who the Wright Brothers were – yet. At their age the topic didn\’t come up in their education yet.


So they watched and wondered why we silly adults made a fuss over this boring airplane stuff.  Considering that these kids have flown in an airplane several times, I could imagine how they struggled to understand the difficulties and commitment that was required to make it happen.  Air travel is something they take for granted, just like I took television for granted. Their reality has always had cable, internet, video games, international and national travel, and cell phones.  Their childhood is vastly different from mine. But some core principals remain: loving family, education, and exploration.

After the video we went outside and visited the memorial. The kids took turns showing off their reading skills by reading the plaques.  Then we walked and enjoyed the overlook.  The kids took off running – naturally.  Then we spent way too long trying to find the field  that the Wright Brothers used for their flight attempts. Sadly, we couldn\’t see the runway from our view.

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