UFO International Museum and Research Center

Winter Weather in Winter. Who knew?

We found ourselves fleeing inclement weather by driving south into lower New Mexico. It was a vain attempt to avoid the blizzard conditions encroaching from the north. We managed to avoid the worst of the snow, but we brought the ice cold temperatures with us, and snow flurries, and bitter winds.  I guess I shouldn\’t be surprised since it was February.

Our cold weather companion became a running joke. Everywhere we went, the locals would declare, \”It\’s such a shame you weren\’t here yesterday. It was so nice/warm/sunny yesterday! I can\’t believe how cold it is today. Brrr.\”


We would stand there wearing our multiple layers of clothing in the bitter cold winds, nodding and respondly flatly, \”Yeah. So cold. Can\’t believe our luck.\” several times a day, for days on end.  We heard it everywhere we went. \”

At some point, my friend just started telling people he liked the snow and came to New Mexico specifically for the snow. There are dozens of people in New Mexico who believes we showed up for bad weather.  haha

This is my normal kinda luck. I fully expect it. I\’m not sure my friends were used to it, though!

UFO Museum


We woke up very early Tuesday morning with plans to get a head start.  I was charmed by all of the fun, whimsical aliens located all over the town. You\’ll find them in gas stations, donut shops, local stores, and just decorating the infamous town. 

I was very excited to return and visit the UFO museum again.  It was almost fifteen years since my last visit.  When you are in Roswell you must visit the UFO museum, right? I mean, it\’s a rule, right?  When in Roswell – embrace the alien lore.  

We entered and explored the museum.  I wasn\’t sure how my friends would respond to the museum itself. I was prepared for them to blaze through the museum very quickly and then leave.  I was mentally prepared for this possibility, since I didn\’t think they would find anything of interest.


Boy, was I wrong. The museum\’s displays and information gripped their attention. They were soaking up all of the details and information on display.  We were at the museum for quite some time, and there was engaged conversations on many of the exhibits on display.

Museum displays


There are several three-sided cubicle structures, in which several documents and reading materials are mounted on the walls.  A few of the cubicles had some additional exhibits on display. But most of the display is reading materials, newspaper articles, magazine headlines, official reports, and citizen letters.

The museum breaks the history down along a timeline, incorporating several different events and mysterious reports.  You progress through history and locations, seeing international UFO theories as well as national UFO interests.

In the center of the building is an enclosed office area. At the back of this area is a large UFO display, including alien visitors and their spaceship hovering overhead.  This display is on a timer, and at certain intervals, the saucer \”spins\” and smoke fills the area, surrounding the aliens in a thin mist.

Yes. Of course I took a video.

UFO Museum alien visitation

Mayan Spaceship


In a special exhibit in the museum, there is a large (life size?) exhibit of the Mayan King Pacal sarcophagus depicting what has been called a spacefaring Mayan king, inside of his spacecraft.  Depending on how you see the image, it is either an ancient man operating the dials and controls of a spaceship. Note the rocket flames at the base, which is to represent the launching mechanism.

Or, you are seeing the fall of a Mayan King as he returns to the underworld (flames) while being surrounded by the tree of life.

It is true! Art is subjective to the observer.  What do you see?

Alien Street Lights

I remember from my 2005 visit that Roswell had alien glass-domes on some of their light posts, or street lights (depending on your lingo!).  I couldn\’t leave Roswell without getting another photo of these iconic street lights.

UFO Museum photos