Terracotta Warrior exhibit at Franklin Institute museum

Terracotta warriors

FI Exhibit 2017


The Franklin Institute museum in Philadelphia is a constant favorite of mine. Every year they have a traveling exhibit which I look forward to attending. This year\’s exhibit is the Terracotta Warriors.

There are so many things and places I want to visit and experience. The terracotta warrior burial ground was on my big list of places to visit, but also on the list of places I feared I would never be able to visit.  I wasn\’t able to enjoy any of the earlier tours that the warriors made in the past years.  But this year, I was determined to see the clay warriors.

I was down town earlier in the morning attending the Planetary Society\’s meeting at the Philadelphia Library. After an invigorating discussion on quasars and black holes,  I strolled over to FI and enjoyed a relaxing lunch.  I then sat in the Rotunda to wait for my friend so that we could start the tour together.

\"\"Celebrating Early, aren\’t we?

I was lost in my thoughts when I realized the ceiling was decorated with Chinese lanterns.  And silly me, I sat there confused on why the museum was decorating for Chinese New Years so early. It took too long for my brain to actually engage and remember why I was at the museum in the first place. How did I forget I was here to see an Asian exhibit??

If you are interested in the Terracotta Warriors, be sure to stop by The Franklin Institute and absorb all the history, culture, and mystery surrounding the Terracotta Warriors. This is a nice exhibit, camera friendly, and filled with diverse exhibits.



Trip Summary

Trip Worthy?

  • Exhibit: This is a lovely exhibit, done well and with a sense of intimacy without feeling crowded.  You can also take photographs of the Exhibit
  • Day trip? Yes. This is a very kid-friendly place and you could easily fill an entire day just inside The Franklin Institute
  • Weekend Trip? Yes, this is located on Museum Mile.  The Franklin Institute is near several engaging museums nearby, including:
    • The Academy of Natural Sciences
    • The Free Library of Philadelphia
    • Moore college of art
    • The Barnes Foundation
    • The Rodin museum
    • Philadelphia Art museum
    • Fairmount Water Works
    • The Mutter museum (not on the Parkway)
    • Eastern State Penitentiary is also nearly (not on the Parkway)
  • Worth Going Out of Our Way?  I have a very biased view of Philadelphia. I love my home city and I\’m always eager to explore it. There are just so many things you do and see.  So I always think Philly is worth a visit.
  • Worth air-fare? Of course!

Kid / Pet Friendly?

  • School kids? Absolutely!  There are things to touch, pull, push, and spin. There are rooms for running and climbing.  There\’s a giant heart and a giant train.
  • Teens? Because of the engagement level of The Franklin Institute, there\’s bound to be something of interest for every person of every age.

Enjoyment Level?

  • Frankly, I\’ve been to the Franklin hundreds of times. But I still enjoy visiting, exploring the telescopes, their exhibits, and movies. It is always a reliably great experience.
  • Kids will love the hands-on experience
  • Be sure to check out the Planetarium and the newer Sports section
    • There\’s a racetrack in the new sports section. It wasn\’t crowded when I visited with my nieces and nephews – so I had them race each other several times.  It was a great way to burn off all their excess energy!