SHOOT! Photography at Fort Mifflin

Fort Mifflin conducted a Winter Photography Workshop in early February called SHOOT! at Fort Mifflin.

Because it is February, naturally there is another winter storm coming into the area. For several days I wasn’t sure if the storm would hit during the event or after the event. Luckily, the weather cooperated and held off until the following day and allowed me to play in the cold on a weekend evening.  On Saturday the fort was cold but luckily the wind wasn’t too terrible.  The longer we spent at the fort, the more the damp cold would sink into your fingers and toes.  It was easy to tell that a winter storm arriving soon.

I arrived in the early afternoon and found the parking lot readily full of cars.  I was too early for the Shoot event, so these were regular park visitors.  I could see families strolling along the fort’s walls, climbing the mounds by the river, and crossing the interior fort field.  It was busy for a cold February weekend!

Before the fort closed they fired their cannon for all visitors to enjoy.  As cannons do, it boomed and blasted out a bit of fire and smoke. Guests squealed in shock and delight, so they fired up the cannon one more time.  Everyone seemed to enjoy this final send off before they headed to their cars.

At the same time I could see fellow photographers showing up with their camera gear.  The sun was setting lower in the afternoon and the sky was hazy and grey.  I didn’t have much hope for a stellar sunset.

Fort Mifflin’s caretakers go out of their way to make your experience special.  Because we would be practicing photography they set fires in the two casemate fireplaces, as well as stationed single candles in some nooks and crannies.  The photographers could roam the grounds and capture outdoor imagery or explore the interior structures and practice with low light images.

The dark casements shifted and moved in the firelight and candle light. I really enjoyed the experience. Some of my pictures didn’t come out as I imagined, but this was a good practice session for me.  I have plans for my next visit and how I may make the images more to my taste.

And then for all of our photography challenges, the fort fired the cannon a few times in the dark night.  We all tried to grab photos of the firing… and it was quite the challenge!

I really enjoyed my Photography experience at Fort Mifflin and I hope to go back and practice with light painting, HDR, and long exposures.  Below are some of the results of this fun and interesting event!