Geocaching with Metro Gathering

We are geocaching in beautiful Historic Waterloo Village along the Morris Canal in New Jersey!  It’s lovely this time of year, with a warm sun, cool breeze, and the subtle beginnings of autumn colors.

The Metro Gathering club has organized another lovely event, themed for the Pirates of Port Royale.  Of course everyone arrived dressed as their favorite pirate! Ahoy me caching mateys!

Pirates of Port Royale Geocaching Mega Event

The event was moved up in the season and scheduled in September. Last year it was in October and was very Halloween focused. This year it was warmer and we enjoyed more lab caches in the village and surrounding canal and mountain side.

Signal the Frog and Pirate PattiOur weekend started with an early start on a beautiful Saturday morning. We three ladies enjoyed a relaxing breakfast and a lovely drive up to the Waterloo Village.  When we arrived we found the village already in a buzz with geocaching activity and excitement.

When we arrived, I was greeted by Signal the Frog who approved of my pirate hat. Thumbs up, Signal!

We joined in the fray and quickly put our raffle tickets into the drawing, entered a contest or two, and then picked up our registered items.  After this, we loaded up our lab caches and started to seek out and find those hidden gems.

I’d like to extend credit to the Metro Gathering group, who go above and beyond with their Fun clues, creative containers, thematic elements, and fun interactive hides!

Pirates and skulls

This day is a great way to spend outside, in a beautiful village, and entertain kids and kids-at-heart alike.   The group really goes above and beyond with their thematic hides.  I really appreciate the effort they put into the day and the fun we always experience.


Geocaching Experiences

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I love exploring the United States and luckily I enjoy driving. Which is a good thing since it would be hard to explore if I had to walk everywhere. I am usually exploring the states on a tight budget with limited vacation time. I try to make the most of my free time, and I may have a trick or two up my sleeve.

I’m a weird mix of over-planner and free-spirit wanderer. There’s no in between. I see weekends as play-time. Laundry is for Wednesday nights and dusting is never on my to-do list.

I love museums, learning new things, and just letting my curiosity take me to my next discovery.

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Happy traveling!

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