Fall Events – Lighthouse Challenges

Shorelines and Coastal towns

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Consider visiting and touring some of the iconic lighthouses scattered along the eastern coast. During the off season, access to the beach communities and coastal towns is much easier. These off-peak weekends presents a unique opportunity for a relaxed touring of many beautiful east-coast beach towns, bays, and harbors.
Hotels and B&B prices are often reduced during the off-season months (but go back up for the Christmas holidays). This is a big perk for budget conscious travelers. The down-side can be that many of the unique and colorful shops and speciality restaurants are closed once the peak season is passed.  But if you like strolling beaches in the early morning, wandering the boardwalk, visiting lighthouses, or just have a romantic get-away… the seashore and bay harbor towns may be your next favorite place to visit.
Lighthouse Challenges
If you want to add a pinch of excitement to your weekend, why not join in the Lighthouse Challenges of New Jersey and Maryland?
Maryland’s lighthouse challenge is scheduled for September, while New Jersey’s lighthouse challenge is scheduled for October.  Both events are scheduled for two days and include special, rare opportunities to access sites not normally available on regular tours, and unique events especially planned for the challenge weekends.
Grab your travel-adventurous friends and hit the road for a tour of New Jersey’s lengthy coastline and Marylands craggy shoreline.
Challenge participants are given a list of lighthouses to visit each year. When you start the challenge, you acquire the game piece needed to play the game.  Then as you visit each lighthouse you collect an unique item – verifying your visit. The goal is to complete the set before the close of the Challenge, thereby completing the challenge successfully.
Upon completion, you win a small prize and the bragging rights for completing the challenge!  Additionally, you are entered into a drawing for the grand prize.
But it isn’t the prize that draws the challengers. It is the chance to visit the lighthouses and towns, climb those impressive lighthouse towers, and enjoy the maritime history of the east coast.  The weekend experiences are what makes the Challenge so unique. A few lighthouses are only open during this event – giving a rare access to lighthouses and towers.  This weekend is an all-hands-on-deck event! Volunteers and organization members will be available to learn more about the lighthouses and their volunteer efforts to maintain these iconic structures. Do you have what it takes to attempt this challenge, and complete it?
Read my posts on the New Jersey and Maryland Lighthouse challenges to get an idea of the weekend adventures available.