Fairmount Park – sunrise blossoms

Fairmount Park is the largest urban park in the nation. It spans over 9,200 acres and includes 62 parks.  Needless to say, Fairmount is packed with unique and beautiful locations, art, and natural beauty.

Centennial Arboretum

\"CentennialIn the Centennial Arboretum you will find the Horticultural center, greenhouse, Japanese House and Gardens, and 27 acres packed with beautiful grounds and gardens. Located right behind the horticultural building you\’ll find an elongated fountain, pinned with a sundial, and followed by a row of donated Cherry Blossom trees.   The Cherry Blossom trees were donated by Japan in celebration of USA\’s Centennial and are the queen event that sparks spring in Philadelphia.

Cherry Blossom Festival

This year I struggled to find time to visit the park: between my schedule and the weather, I missed both the peak cherry blossom season and the Cherry Blossom festival.  I still wanted to visit and capture sunrise images, and this park has plenty of beautiful blooms to photograph. So I managed to visit late in April and captured the images on this page.

\"CentennialI arrived before dawn, so I had the park to myself.  I wandered around and discovered the park added a dining area outside on the grounds.  There\’s a fenced section with food trucks and dining tables.  Signs for Parks on Tap were scattered around this dining area – but I\’m not familiar with this company/service.  I\’ll have to swing by again and check out this new fun experience.  Perhaps at a more humane hour! 😉

\"CentennialSpring Blooms

This section of the park is so beautiful I could wander about for hours. Everything is demonstration gardens, walkways, and just about the most romantic views the city can create. While I was photographing the tulips, a couple of folks were walking through the park on their way to work. Could you imagine that this is your walk every day? Through one of the most beautiful and groomed parks in the city? Such luck.

So here are my early morning photos. I was experimenting with the camera and playing with exposures. I then tried the laziest version of HDR possible on a few of the images.  I hope you can enjoy some of the beauty that spring has to offer by visiting Fairmount park\’s many lovely locations, but I absolutely hope you can visit Centennial Arboretum during spring.  It\’s just too beautiful to miss.


Have you been?

Have you ever visited the Horticultural center or the Centennial Arboretum? Or have you participated in the Parksontap.com locations? I\’m curious to know your opinions.