Exploring Kentucky\’s Devou Park and Taft\’s National Site

Exploring Kentucky\’s Devou Park and Taft\’s National Site

William Howard Taft Historical Site

\"WilliamWe continued our weekend adventure by exploring Taft\’s National Site early in the morning. The kids couldn\’t imagine a more boring experience: learning about a President they don\’t know and never heard of, and then staring at an old house.  For them, they were being very patient as the silly adults watched black and white movie clips about Taft\’s life before and during his Presidency.  For me, I was being silly and collecting more National Park stamps.

The kids were so patient and well behaved while the adults got National Park Stamps that we decided to stop by the nearest Dunkin Donuts and treat everyone to breakfast and donuts.  Then, we attempted an ambitious drive to Indianapolis, Indiana.  We wanted to see if we could visit the Monument Circle in Indianapolis this day, before the Indy 500 crowds expected tomorrow.


I wanted to visit Indianapolis while I was out in this neck of the woods. I thought it would be nice to visit Monument Circle and get Indiana\’s state badge for geocaching for everyone on the trip with me. I had already picked up the Indiana state badge on the 2017 Solar Eclipse Road trip, and I thought everyone would enjoy the Monument.

Deep into the state of Indiana and nearing the border of Indianapolis, we stopped to grab a bite to eat. While eating, the waiter made a comment that we had arrived at a good time – before the crowds arrived.  My heart sank as I asked: \”What crowds?\”

Indy 500

The Indy 500 Crowds were going to be jamming the roadways very soon.  That was when we learned the Indy 500 race was happening on Sunday this year.  Apparently the race can shift days, and my feeble research involved asking two other people who told me they thought it was on Monday.

Our plan for a quick Indianapolis visit and turn-around was abandoned. And abandoned quickly.  We paid for our meal, grabbed a cache nearby, and very quickly headed back to Ohio before the construction zone we passed become a parking lot of idling vehicles.

Kentucky, Devou Park


So we drove back to Ohio and headed to Devou Park, where we were advised there was a scenic overlook worth the visit.  When we did arrive at Devou Park, there was still plenty of sunshine. So the kids were tossed out of the car and let loose on a two separate playgrounds.  I explored the park until I found the overlook.  Everyone was right, the view was worth the effort.

So I went back and retrieved everybody and headed up to the overlook.  We tried to find the Purple People bridge.  I couldn\’t find it, and learned later the color had faded to a pale blue.  So we were staring at it from the overlook, but didn\’t realize it because the color was wrong.

But I did capture one of my favorite photos of the trip… Small Boy. Big World.



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