Dining Under The Stars in Media, PA

What do you get when you mix Main Street nostalgia with summer evenings, good friends and a bunch of amazing restaurants? You get a beautiful summer evening in Media, Pennsylvania.

What happens if you take the above and mix it with a heavy dose of whimsy and culture? With streets lined with dining tables instead of cars, and fairy lights strewed in trees and chalk art created by children, Media has turned Wednesday nights into magical evenings for the entire family.

Relaxing Summer Nights need Media


During the summer months, the town of Media closes down part of State Street to all vehicles, and they create an atmosphere of charm and enjoyment. Tables and chairs are placed out in the street and restaurants expand their services to include the warm outdoors. Visitors can stroll shops. enjoy live music, and a myriad of culinary choices as you follow the trolley tracks through the street. Children run around tables with painted faces and boxes of chalk – and quickly set to making the State Street a work of joyous art.

Guests enjoy fine dining in a relaxed and celebratory atmosphere. People stroll from one restaurant to another, sampling food and drink from various providers. The local police are out greeting and meeting guests, shaking hands and representing their town with smiles and warmth. When we arrived, I found the police flashing their car lights at the request of kids, who squealed with delight. Everyone was smiling.

In the center of town, balloon artists made balloon animals for kids while mom and dad relaxed nearby. So many kids were drawing in the street around the trolley tracks that you feel like you are wandering through a kid\’s art exhibit.


As you enjoy the summer evenings, the sun sets and paints the entire town in a warm, golden light. Slowly the fairy lights and candles come to life and add an air of festive celebration, despite the calm atmosphere of the street.

If you have a chance, be sure to visit Media, PA on a Wednesday. Arrive early, enjoy a cocktail. Meet friends, have dinner, and soak up the beauty that is Media\’s Dining Under the Stars.