Columcille Megalith Park, America’s Stonehenge

In the deep green woods of Pennsylvania, there is an outdoor sanctuary called Columcille Megalith Park.  If you visit their website, the opening line is “All persons of good will are invited…” and that is what you will find in this private park: an inviting space that you can enter and explore. A place that gives you a sense of good will.


Columcille Megalith Park is a place lost in time… an ancient Celtic ceremonial ground, a sacred spot built by ancient people, a quite place for reflection… a serene piece of nature… a sense of sacredness. America’s Stonehenge and megalithic stone park.

\"ColumcilleAs you enter the park you will get a sense that you traveled back in time to ancient Celtic time.  If your imagination  lean towards the theatrical, you will imagine you are in every Celtic or Irish themed show you’ve ever seen.  Outlander and Brave come to mind.  The megalith stones beckon you to enter and be part of the experience.

\"ColumcilleIf you tend to lean towards the natural, then this place will be a serene space of natural beauty. Grassy knolls, shady trails, and open fields are awaiting your senses. Add the songbirds, sunshine, and breezes and you will be in Pennsylvanian paradise.

We entered through the latched gates into a large field with the Stonehenge circle. We strolled the ring and then stood in the center.  No one was zapped back in time, a la Outlander.  But we did practice our best Irish and Scottish accents.  (Which were absolutely terribly, by the way.)

\"ColumcilleThere was a stone Bell Tower nearby with a sword mounted into a slit opening, what I believe was a Celtic harp, and a long bell. Nearby was a gently sloping hill of grass and more mighty stones inviting us down the trail.  Then I found the trail that takes you into the woodlands behind the field. This space was much more than I thought when I first parked the car.

\"ColumcilleWe spent a few hours here walking the trails and admiring the large stones that were strategically placed along the Faerie Trail and the Glen of the Temple trail. I was in love with Thor’s Gate and took far too many photos of this impressive structure.

Just take a look at the photos of this place and you will see for yourself what an enchanting and beautiful place Columcille is.