Hi, I'm Patti Butche

I'm a naturally curious person and a born wanderer.  I have a desire to get out and see the world.  I like to experience new things, so my favorite destination is that glorious spot I've never been to - yet.   

I enjoy getting outdoors and geocaching when weather permits, I love discovering or learning new things - and I can't pass up a nice cafe or a popular diner.   Small museums are always the best.  And I love critters.  I will talk to every animal I see. 

I'll drive anywhere, but fully expect to get lost along the way. I'm so predictably lost that I've customized my license plate to warn fellow drivers that following me isn't a good idea.  

If you are a fellow-curious person and would like to see what new fiascos I've gotten myself into - follow my blog.

I am compelled to photograph everything, usually because my memory is such crap that I rely on the photo albums to actually remember where I was and what I was doing. Last week.

I am extremely uncomfortable writing to a larger audience, which makes this blog a paradox. I am starting my on-line journal for all the world to see as part of my personal growth. Expect questionable grammar, hyperbole, sardonic tones, and salty language.

Things I Love

Road trip
Horse in car
2017 Solar Eclipse
Fossil Hunt
Independence Hall