Cincinnati Road Trip

It’s that time again…. it’s ROAD TRIP time!

A small group of us are going on this trip: I was driving out to Cincinnati with my bestie, Carol, and Tom was flying into Ohio with two of his kids. Together, we were going to explore, geocache, eat, laugh, and play.

On this trip, we found a secret glen and waterfall, a WWII exhibit, a poet’s house filled with eye-straining wallpaper, donuts galore, and native people culture/history – plus a temple hidden high up in the hills of West Virginia.

Road Trip Ambitions

We are destined for GeoWoodstock 2018 to be held in Queen City Cincinnati.  Naturally I plotted and planned the trip for weeks in advance, hoping to get as much done and seen as possible on our long weekend getaway.   I made an ambitious list of places, including: Fort Necessity, the Golden Palace, Hayden Falls, National Air museum, Dayton Aviation Heritage, Wright Bros Memorial, Champaign Aviation Museum, National Aviation Hall of Fame, Charles Young Buffalo monument, Serpent Mound, Hopewell Culture National Historic Park, Mound City, Devou Park, Spring Grove Cemetery, William H. Taft Historic Site, Indianapolis, etc.  These were aspiration goals to be combined with our GeoWoodstock event and the GeoTour we planned to complete while in the region.  So I knew I wouldn’t make every item on my very large ‘to do’ list, but I wanted to know the region well enough to take advantage of opportunities as they presented themselves.

Road Trip Destinations

Hi, I’m Patti. I work in the IT field and my favorite thing to do is reboot stuff. (Muahahaha!)

I love exploring the United States and luckily I enjoy driving. Which is a good thing since it would be hard to explore if I had to walk everywhere. I am usually exploring the states on a tight budget with limited vacation time. I try to make the most of my free time, and I may have a trick or two up my sleeve.

I’m a weird mix of over-planner and free-spirit wanderer. There’s no in between. I see weekends as play-time. Laundry is for Wednesday nights and dusting is never on my to-do list.

I love museums, learning new things, and just letting my curiosity take me to my next discovery.

To discover more about me, check out my About Me page.

Happy traveling!

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